August 05, 2019



Resurgens IV



The fourth reconstruction of my portfolio site was inteded to address the following:

  • Use React and JSX to construct majority of the site
  • Use SASS/SCSS as the primary method of styling the site
  • Incorportate icons into the design of the site to add visual flare
  • Attempt to utilize Material Design in the design of the site


  • The usage of React in the creation of this site actually made the process easier to comprehend due to the manner in which React is developed. Having components of the site in their own files makes for a much more sane and orderly debugging process and helps break down the site into relatively logical chunks that once one fully understands the syntax and its functions, the process of development is simplified using React.
  • JSX is essentially XHTML in standards and form, in any effective measure at least, thus its usage is rather seemless for those with the full understanding of HTML I had spent time acquiring first. While not quite the ridgid standards of HTML5 and its shift to semantic blocks that Ihad come to know and love, having an awareness of these further improved the process of writing out and debugging the JSX that the site is composed of.
  • SCSS, the variant syntax of SASS I prefer, is a lot like CSS3 with some useful functionality built in, like variables which make the changing of various aspects of the site much more seamless and less tedious. While using the find and replace commands in VIM does speed up that process as well, having variables that enable me to shift large portions of the style easily is invaluable as is the @extend feature that allows one to create bases from which various components can than be built on top of.

Notes on Source Code

  • Material Design, or at least my implementation of it, did not improve but actually took away from the site the stylistic edge that I like my sites to have while also being a relatively fickle library to utilize in this particular instance that I feel is a little overkill and too limiting for practical purposes. The reason I again remade the site, which is now on a rolling release model and what you have before you now, is because of my displeasure with how this variant turned out. While doing what it was the site needed to, its visual flare was lost and I was a little too hesitant with React as I had not had the experience that this site and the three rebuilds of it I have done were still to be had.