June 05, 2019


Minimal Markdown Edito


Screenshot of Opening Page of Opitx


None of the Markdown Editors for Linux I had found had save functions that were simple like other word processors or the text editor that comes with your OS. Most options either save in some database format, which can lead to being left with a mess of backups with random strings as the file names.


An Electron application that uses the system standard menu options, the power of React to create the interface and Prismjs for syntax highlightings and creating the live preview mode.

Packages Generated

To install and use Opitx, which I warn you is still a work in progress but does its primary objective possible, I have packaged it in RPM DEB and APPIMAGE formats. Download the one you want from the Github Repo and BAM!

To Do

The application is not getting the attention I would prefer due to my time being consumed elsewhere, however it is going to receive some major renovations soon. They include:

  • Theme switcher allowing users to change primsjs theme on the editor tab
  • Better ReadME
  • Fixed Menu
  • Open from last file used feature
  • Keybindings
  • Refreshed visuals