June 09, 2019

Opitx Documentation Site

The Stylish Alternative to Docs Site Boilerplate

Opitx Documentation Front Page


While many docs sites have troubles far more essential than dealing with than the appearance, like making coherent statements that indicate how to use the program, there is none the less a tendency for otherwise well designed and thorough programs to have docs sites that are merely boilerplate + cryptic text. Additionally, if an effort does not generate a web site like developing BASH scripts or Electron apps, as this is the docs site to, I normally host some front end splash page for the project as a means of sharpening my skills. However, this site is a particular point of pride for me due to the very appealing and easy to use interface that makes the information clear and easily accessible.

Notes on Source Code

  • BRANDING - Like the Opitx application, this site features all of my own branding that I came up with while developing the application and implemented personally. This branding is such that the site and application are consistent and congruent in appearance. This follow through in implementation of the design, as well as the particular functionality of the design, are why this page is being showcased at all.
  • HTML/CSS - While the application is written in React and SCSS utilizing the Electron platform, I wanted to take the time to take a break from React when writing out the documentation site, so it is written as practice in HTML/CSS. Which worked out well and was a helpful exercise that is part of the consistent practice that all of these skills require due to their perishable natures.