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Styled Components


After learning HTML and practicing with it for a few months, I happened to take a class on it and CSS that really helped mold me as a web developer. One of the side effects was having a certain set of best practices burned into my mind, in particular was the standardc caution against internal stylesheets that I share with many developers.

After learning React, this academic prejudice still stuck and I instead expanded into CSS pre-processors like SCSS and LESS to achieve my ever advancing needs in terms of styling my websites. Then I used a template to build a Gatsby.js blog with Styled Components and I decided that stripping them out would take too long and in the spirit of atomic design thought it wouldn't hurt to try and...


It is a powerful way to go and without a central stylesheet to muck things up it can be very consistent in how it styles the site, at least if it is just you coding the site.

Everything Has Its Time and Place

I am hardly stripping out all of my well nested SCSS stylesheets though. There is still a place for them in providing a consistent platform upon which the component is styled on. However, I am going to look to incorporate more elements of Atomic Design in my sites, including this one, as time goes on and it makes sense for the project before me.

It makes sense from the Atomic Design perspective to use Styled Components, they allow the styling and component to be naturally grouped together. This is great so long as there is some consistency sought by the dev but can be a challenge in teams.