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I needed a resume, I use Linux, despise traditional Word Editors and thought to myself:

Why did I learn to arrange documents in HTML and so precisely style them in CSS if I am not going to use it to style this document.

So I found this project, which uses Tailwind, which I hadn't used before, but liked so much I thought I would take a crack at making it fit my particular needs and use case while exploring what Tailwind has to offer.

The Result

See it here and check out the code here which you can freely use as the basis for your own work.

Can't promise it will help you get a job, has definitely peaked interest in yours truly.

Self Reflection on the Resulting Code

  • I can definitely spend more time on a few points of annoyance and working out the kink in the printer variant
  • heropatterns saved me once again, giving me the background that adds a 'New York high finance circa 1985' vibe to the site
    • check out the tailwind.css plugin tailwind-heropatterns for an easy method of including the patterns into your next project.
  • really like the blue-grey compromise I've made for accent colors,
    • such that it has become the default palette for all my personal sites
      • it emerged from my vice color palette for base16 and a happy accident involving Themix GTK Theme Editor
  • tailwind is a hit,
    • allowing for the consistency of bootstrap
      • but with the ability to do immense customization
      • and without the prefab components that are quickly outgrown.
    • I will need to work on taming the class monstrosity

Coming Soon to Theaters Near You: Tailwind.css

This project, which happened entirely in December 2020, also was the start of my tryst with Tailwind.css, which I will explain in another, deliberately abbreviated post on it as it truly deserves its own paragraph worth of text (as is the typical article at its base).