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Hero Patterns


Sometimes, one comes across an open source technology that changes their lives in some meaningful, generally positive, way. Indeed my entire journey with development and Linux has been almost entirely one of such discoveries fueling my interest and staving off burn out and frustration, but there is one particular open source offering that stands above all the rest (other than Linux of course) that I wanted to write up a quick, open thank you letter to: HeroPatterns

Check it out here:

What is HeroPatterns?

HeroPatterns is a website where a developer from Canada has assembled some 80+ tileable svg images with a web interface that allows you to pick a pattern, an accent color and a background color then provides you with the code to copy-paste into your css stylesheet thus enabling a rather easy and seamless way to add more interesting backgrounds to your work.

Its truly magical

These are not just some slidshod collection of scraps that are being offered at HeroPatterns, these are tasteful and clearly were something the author put a lot of time into. But unlike anything Adobe makes (or is made on their software), these aren't going to cost you 50 bucks a month. Not even the much lower price FontAwesome charges for their icons, nope these beautiful accent pieces are free