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The Electric Tantra Branding


The Electric Tantra is more than just the aesthetics of the interface's appearance, it is expressed in the UX considerations and the way that I write out the site's source code, then use prettier to make it less obnoxious to keep that source code clean and easily read. Ultimately, it informs all of what makes my personal efforts the things that they are.

Defining the Undefinable

At its core, the Electric Tantra is a design paradigm, exceeding the scope of a framework, pattern or approach.

Like the Tantras themselves, the Electric Tantra defies easy explanation. Instead of attempting that which cannot be done, here is a list with the characteristics, roughly, of what I mean when I say the Electric Tantra | Features | Definition | |---|---| | Balanced Design | Not preferring too much or too little, nor gimmicky or flashy but also not bland and dull | | Clean Code | code that can be read easily by humans and machines alike. | | Flares of Palatable Color | while tending to monochromatic colors as the primary colors, it also features vibrant flashes of color. | | Easily Navigated | Obvious means of navigating the interface, instructions that are written out clearly, source code that has informative and complete commentary. | | Achieves Goal | sites are meant to perform some function, thus this design paradigm emphasizes function over flashy. | | Not Another 'Not Another' | as is evident on this site, these sites eschew the standard templates for various sites and strip out unneeded features. The purpose and audience is considered at the time of creation and extraneous features lacking utility are stripped. | | Open Source, but not Dogmatic | open sourced software is preferred but only up until the point of reducing functionality, then closed source alternatives are considered | | Galleries for my art | Original artwork is utilized where ever possible and in place of third party alternatives | | As Above, So Below | Source code and program derived from it are of similar standard of quality, no source code that is well documented by hardly function nor perfectly functional application with unintelligible source code |


The Electric Tantra is consulted by me in almost everything I do as it relates to tech. I have even written out a variant of Arch Linux that bares its name and is rooted in the above illuminated features. Even smaller projects are rooted in these axioms, as in combination they make for high quality source code that is easier to maintain than the haphazard approaches taken even by very serious developers which tend towards esoteric code instead of esoteric approaches to design.


The utility of the Electric Tantra emerges both in the finished product and in its intermediate stages as the source code is easier to work with, more modular and lends itself to reuse elsewhere with minimal modification. Thus it is developer experience and user experience where it finds its most utility to the world.